How to Watch the 92nd Oscar Awards Live Online

Set to take place on February 9th (Sunday), the world’s premier film award is known for its comprehensive coverage on both open and closed TV. However, what not everyone knows is that it can also be tracked via YouTube, Google’s video and streaming platform. You can watch 92nd Oscar awards Live online with us because we have some high-quality channel and expressive channel that will blow your mind. Our channel provides a high-resolution picture, and it performs high-quality video. But for we have more ways so you can watch 92nd Oscar award comfortably at YouTube, TV, channels, and Online with us.

Where is Oscars 2020: Location, Date, TV Channel, Watch Online

Date: Sunday 9th February 2020.
Time: Red Carpet Coverage begins at 6:30 P.M. ET, 3:30 P.M. PT & the awards ceremony gets underway at 8:00 P.M. 5:00 P.M. PT. (USA)
Location: Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, California, United States

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How to Watch Academy Awards 2020 Live Stream Online?

One of the most unique movie nights is coming. This year’s edition of the Oscars will take place Sunday This time; the awards will not have a presenter, which has not happened since 1989. Therefore, the event promises to be unique, and everyone wonders: will it work?

So you can watch every moment of the night and not miss a look, let alone which nominees will win the famous figurine, we have separated a list of television and streaming channels on which you can watch the awards. Check out:

92nd Oscar Awards

Oscars 2020 Broadcasting Channels


The broadcaster will start live broadcasting shortly after Big Brother Brazil, starting at 11:55 pm. The evening will feature a presentation by journalist Maria Beltrão and comments by actress Dira Paes and journalist and writer Artur Xexéo. Meanwhile, G1 will broadcast the event live through its website. It can be found at carriers: Claro (24), NET (18), GVT (205), SKY (5) and Vivo (15/205).


From 8:30 pm, the channel will broadcast the red carpet and the artists’ entrance, with Hugo Gloss and Caroline Ribeiro leading the night. Already at 10 pm, the awards actually begin. In addition to the TV channel, the program also offers the TNT GO streaming service, where you can check everything in full. You can find the channel on carriers: Claro (151), NET (151), SKY (108) and Vivo (657/148).

Gym website

As might be expected, the Academy itself will broadcast the awards in full. Just access the site or some of the social networks (Instagram and Facebook).


The closed channel will also cover the awards. At 8:30 pm, the pre-show begins, and shortly after that at 10:00 pm, coverage goes to the theatre to accompany the winners. The channel is available from operators Claro (636), NET (636) and Vivo (647).

Popping up

Just like last year, the YouTube channel Pipocando will broadcast the Oscars live, with comments from its presenters. Only access the channel on the platform and enjoy the show from 9:30 pm.

Oscar on internet Live Stream

TNT subscribers can watch the award through the channel’s streaming service, TNT go. It is also possible to follow the awards live on the Oscar’s on our website.

Our website will also follow the Oscar awards minute by minute, with information from our editor team, direct from Los Angeles. So, don’t hesitate and watch 92nd Oscar awards with us and the link is given below.

92nd Oscar live on YouTube

There will be a total of five channels within the platform (which includes the well-known TNT channel) for the official transmission of the warm-up, complemented by the others that will bring curiosities, comments during the pre-event and much more, thus giving individual coverage to the event. World Cinema Gala Night

Maniacs Series

Michel Arouca, creator of the channel, this year will be the official commentator of the Oscar broadcast on TNT. But its channel will also feature an Oscar warm-up special, bringing curiosities and analysis from the nominees, with the participation of two other channels: Carol Moreira and Mikannn. And on February 9th, the three creators will do a Live on Carol Moreira’s channel to talk about this year’s nominees.

Diva Depression

The duo will distill their acid humor with the second edition of UÓSCAR DA DIVA. With a 6-hour live on the day of the ceremony where the boys will receive guests, such as Fernanda Catania from Foquinha channel, Maíra Medeiros from Never Teens, Lorelay Fox From Para Para, Gabie Fernandes and Thalita Meneghim from After 11, Bruno from Blogueirinha to evaluate the looks on the red carpet and comment on the nominees and the awards.


One of the largest movie channels and series on YouTube, it will broadcast live from 9:30 pm on the day of the event, welcoming guests and interacting with followers. Luisa Clasen, creator of the Lully Truth channel, and Carol Moreira will participate in the broadcast as guests to review the nominees and place their bets for the awards.


During the ceremony, the channel will make its already traditional Live comment on the event. In its sixth edition, the live broadcast of the Omelet will feature special guest appearances and expert commentaries on the awards. Besides, the channel has also been publicizing various heating materials about the indicated films.


Known to be one of the most prominent pay-tv channels, TNT will also have its official coverage broadcast via the YouTube platform as the event heats up.

How many countries will participate in the 92nd Oscar award?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released on Monday 7 the list of nominations for feature films from the 93 countries that will compete for a spot in the category of the best international feature film at the Oscar 2019 – previously called a best foreign-language movie. Of this number, only five are chosen to participate in the award.

Of the 93, ten films will be selected from a list that will be announced on December 16th, 2019. These ten, five will be nominated for an Oscar finalist and will be released on January 13th, 2020. The 92nd Oscar will be held on Sunday, February 9th, 2020, in Hollywood, and will be broadcast in over 225 countries around the world.

Important news of Oscar 2020

During its April 2019 board meeting, the Academy voted to rename the category “Best Foreign Language Film Oscar” to” Best International Film Oscar.” Animated films and documentaries will also qualify for the renamed award. But the remaining criteria remain – requiring applicants to have most of their dialogues in a language other than English.