The 92nd Academy Awards Ceremony

Every year the best movies in the movie are pick and rewarded with a program. And the program through which this work performed named the Academy Awards. It is a great festival in the film world. The festival celebrates every year. All the countries of the World receive nominations for quality films here. It’s a meet and greets of the film world. It is through this program that a good filmmaker gets his due honor. So all the movie Buddha who thanked to show the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony.

92 and Academy awards

The upcoming Academy Award ceremony is the event. 92nd Academy Awards ceremony presented by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. The event will award the best filmmakers and best film stars of 2019. It will hold at the Dolby Theater, which located in the heart of Hollywood. Many of the best movies made in 2019. The nomination will give the best of them. Then from there, the movie analysts will pick the best movie. Many awards will deliver on this occasion. Such as the Governor’s Award, Academy Honorary Awards, Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, etc.

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Which movie will win the 92nd academy award?

The 92nd Academy Awards ceremony has received many movie nominations. But it is not sure which of these films will win, but a list of the best ones made here. The list includes movies that have received positive reviews and their income top grocers. Here is the list,


This film is one of the most discussed films of 2019. The joker film is an American psychological thriller film directed by Todd Philips. This film created based on DC Comics. Joaquin Phoenix has acted in this movie. This film made to feature a failed stand-up comedian. That was the neglect of society. And so he inspires a cultural revolution against the rich. This film has received a lot of positive reviews from viewers. As a psychological movie, everyone liked the movie and gave it a good rating.

The 92nd Academy Awards Ceremony

Avengers Endgame

This Movie has hit the box office this year. This is the highest income movie this year; this is a superhero based movie based on marble comics, all the big stars have played in this movie. The Avengers series ends with this movie. The movie has received good reviews from viewers everywhere. Already this movie has an award in the audience survey y. So it is very likely that this movie will get Oscar.

The 92nd Academy Awards Ceremony


Another surprise of 2019is the Aladdin Movie. Guy Ritchie is the movie director. This movie is fantasy based. In this movie, there is a character named Aladdin, who is a lovable street urchin. In this Movie, Aladdin gets a lamp from which a magic Angel comes out, and he is friends Aladdin and continues the story of the movie. Viewers also liked this movie, and they kept it up.

The Lion King

This Movie is a Disney Studios movie. Jon Favreau is the director of this movie. This movie is fantasy based; there is a character named samba here. The movie has been created by imagining the animal life. The IMDB rating for this movie is excellent, and it is ahead of the viewer’s survey. Movie critics have given this movie a positive review. The movie did a great job at the box office.

The 92nd Academy Awards Ceremony

Captain Marvel

This Movie is another masterpiece of marvel studios. Captain Marvel, this movie takes from marvel comics. This is a superhero movie. This film produces by Marvel Studios. And distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is a new character in the Marvel Universal. Captain Marvel is a warrior. She has extraordinary power. And with the help of this power, she defeats the vicious power. This is how the movie plot moves forward. The IMDB rating for this movie is perfect. The movie made a good income at the box office. This movie has received an Academy Award nomination. This movie can receive awards at any of the Academy awards if the movie critics like it.

When will the 92nd academy start?

The 92nd Academy Awards will be held on the 10th of February 2020. This event is one of the most favorites of film lovers. Here all the movie stars can be seen together. This is a historic meet.

Where will 92nd Academy Awards hold?

The 92nd Academic Award will be held at the Dolby Theater. This Dolby Theater is located in Hollywood, United States. It is an international event. The event will be produced by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science.

Why Are Academy Awards called Oscars?

The Oscar name was officially adopted in 1939 for the event. The promoter of the award was Margaret Harrick, Executive Secretary of the Academy. And he first saw this award in 1933 and said this statuette reminded him of his uncle. Oscar is a nickname of his cousin Oscar pierce. And this is where the name Oscar began.

Is Oscars real gold?

The winners received the Oscar award at the Academy Awards. Oscar originally made by solid bronze and 24-karat gold. Yet, during World War-2, Oscar made of painted plaster for three years due to a metal shortage.

Do Academy Award winners get the money?

The Academy of motion picture art and sciences, which hosts and co-hosts the show every season, has strict rules in peace, This formal rule states that the winning party cannot sell their Oscars without first proposing to sell the academy for one dollar.

Can you sell an Oscar?

Oscar is the World’s most recognized and valued award. An Oscar-winning person cannot sell his prize and otherwise be disabled. And the same applies to his successors.


Being an Oscar is an honor. Not everyone gets this award just by being a successful person. It is through Oscar that a good filmmaker and artist get his reputation.

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