Academy Awards in Dolby Theatre

If you ever heard about academy awards, then I think you have knowledge about it. And if you are a Hollywood movie fan, then you definitely know about Dolby Theater. Dolby Theater means it is the most prominent place for the most significant event for the biggest star. Every Hollywood superstar is come here to attend this academy awards ceremony. If you don’t know what the academy ceremony is, then let me know you that academy awards and Oscar award functions are totally the same events Academy Awards in Dolby Theatre.

Dolby Theater Indore

So, Dolby Theater is a place for the Oscar award function. Every year every superstar from Hollywood and other countries is joining this function Academy Awards in Dolby Theatre. The Authority of this event is choosing by their voting who will win the best male superstar, female superstar. They choose which movie is the best movie of the year. And which direction is the best director of the year and many more? All things are happening in this Dolby Theater. So please keep your eyes with us in February 2020.

About Dolby Theatre

The Dolby Theater is a concert hall located on Hollywood Boulevard in the city of Los Angeles in California, United States. Since its opening in November 2001, it has been the site of delivery of the Academy Awards, the Oscar ceremony for which it was specifically designed, with capacity for 3,400 people seated and a stage 20 meters deep by 40 meters wide, one of the largest in the country.

It was sponsored by Kodak, which paid $ 75 million to have its name associated with the company and rented it to the Academy on awards night. The columns in its lobby have written the name of all award-winning films since 1928.

For the rest of the year, the theatre is used for concerts, concerts, honors, operas, fashion shows and has also hosted a special Emmy Awards. After being named Kodak in 2012, he was renamed his new sponsor, Dolby, a pioneering sound technology company, after his previous bankrupt Kodak broke his contract

Behind the Story of Dolby Theater

Dolby Theater is 17 years old. Academy Awards in Dolby Theatre every year all the most meaningful ceremony is held here. Although it is part of the Hollywood and Highland Center, everything that happens inside the Dolby Theater has nothing to do with shopping or offers, but with cinema, glamour… and the Oscars. Located between Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, the place was opened in November 2001 under the name of The Kodak Theater and opened its doors to the Oscars four months later.

The place, which on Sunday will host the 90th Oscar Awards ceremony, celebrates this 2018, 17 years of life. It was sponsored from its inception until 2012 by the Eastman Kodak Company, hence its original name, The Kodak Theater. And that nickname was not free, because the company paid 75 million dollars to be called that.

But the story ended in early 2012 when they declared bankruptcy and could no longer continue paying for the name. For a few months, the theatre was called The Hollywood and Highland Center until in May of that year the Dolby Laboratories closed a contract (which expires in 2032), became the new sponsors and re-baptized the place, now as The Dolby Theater

Behind the door of Dolby theatre

Upon arriving at the place you have to walk along the famous Awards Walk, a hall flanked by Art Deco columns that hold in black the names of the productions that have won the Oscar for Best Film. The columns keep enough space for the winners to hang up until 2071!

In the background is the lobby (which is five levels) and the large staircase (with balustrades made of cherry wood) through which you enter the room. In this part of the theatre, you can breathe cinema as there are 26 photographs of some Oscar winners, such as Julia Roberts, Grace Kelly, Halle Berry, Jack Nicholson, and Marlon Brando.

Why is the Dolby Theatre famous?

Dolby Theater is the most excellent hall for a ceremony or function. Because you will see their management is so good. Very Typical look it has. It has a mind-blowing sensor, and it has stable and perfect audio technology, and its audio system is natural sound and visual spectacles. That’s the reason Dolby theatre is famous.

Oscar Awards In Dolby Theater Crowd Indore

Is Oscar held every year?

Yes, Oscar held every year. Oscar manages their event from 91 years. And in 2020 they will arrange 92 academic awards (Oscar Award). People are waiting for this because this will be the best event in a decade. We have lots of strong nominees and lots of rumors that make people so confused. As 2020 Oscar will arrange their function in the future.

How many seats are in the Dolby Theater?

As an honorable theatre, Dolby Theatre is 180000 square feet size, and it has 3400 seats. These seats are for directors, male superstars, female superstars, and staff and for the journalist. But ordinary people can also sit on this seat. But you have to be a particular person, or you have to be a relative of any celebrity.

Where were the Oscars held before the Kodak Theatre?

When televisions are invented, then Oscar moved to Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. This auditorium is situated in California. Oscar moved there in 1961. Then Authority thinks that it should be held in Los Angeles, that’s why they bring Oscar function in Dolby Theatre.

What Theatre are the Oscars at?

The only place for Oscars is the one and only Dolby Theater. In Dolby Theater, the Author keeps all Oscar in here, and from there, every Oscar will be given to the winner superstar and winner movies.

How old is the Dolby Theatre?

Dolby Theater is 18 years old. It was made in 2001, primarily for Academy awards. But still, this theatre looks like a new and as a palace.

Where was the first Oscars held?

The first-ever Oscar or Academy awards held in the Hollywood Roosevelt. That was a memorable one. People still talk about that ceremony.


You know what Oscar is my all-time favorite. I still wait for it every year. This year we got so many out-standing movies, and I can’t wait to see which the best one is. But we can’t forget about Dolby center, it gives us always a perfect ceremony and a flawless event.


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